Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Happy 20th Birthday Elder Bennett!

Zona Bachilugato birthday celebration
Moroni 8:35 He aquí, os hablo como si os hallaseis presentes, y sin embargo, no lo estáis. Pero he aquí, Jesucristo me os ha mostrado, y conozco vuestras obras.

Hey everyone!
Pictures from last transfer

Well now I'm in Tanques Sinaloa! Here in a little pueblo where everyone has heard our message at least once and so we'll see how this goes. The Lord has me here for something! His plan is so wonderful and perfect!
Birthday surprise in Los Pinos

Things have been pretty interesting trying to adjust to the small town life again after being in Culiacan for a while. In Culiacan there is everything and anything and in Tanques there is NOTHING. There are a few little stores but nothing big. Coming here brought back lots of memories from my first area in Teacapan. 

It is beautiful here and the sunsets are amazing and you can see the whole night sky full of stars so clearly! But now is starting the rainy season. There's a ton of flies everywhere and the humidity is terrible! But it's a little less hot because we get breezes from the sea.
Self Explanatory

We don't really have any investigators and so we are in the process of looking for new ones. We will have to rely on lots of faith and prayer!

Good stuff
My companion Elder Cuevas has been super cool! I can kind of relate with him since my last companion is Dominican and so things have been smooth for the most part. He doesn't really like to work so much and isn't very obedient but I have been learning patience and love for him. I know that is something that the Lord want for me to learn well and help me be a better person.
Licking the knife

The members are pretty awesome too! There is a family here that makes up about 90% of the branch the Familia Ochoa-Lopez. A few of them have lived in Omaha before so that was cool! The church building here is the nicest of all of the mission and now I'm a witness of that. It was so beautiful the woodwork inside.

The food as well has been nice. Everything is made by hand and so it's been super good! The tortillas here have been the best so far. I will have to start running again I think...

Pday at a ranch near LaCruz
Tomorrow we are saying goodbye to Pte Velez and Hna Velez and meeting the new president. My companion and I will give our 2nd district meeting tomorrow together as well!

I love this Gospel. Salvation isn't easy but it's worth it!

Elder Bennett

(Jameson sent other pictures but there were technical difficulties and I couldn't download them at all.)

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