Monday, June 6, 2016

Future's So Bright...

Not sure what happened this week- but I never got Jameson's blog post that he typically writes.  So I will just share a bit of his personal email to his Dad and parts of my "conversation" with him. The good news is that I did get pictures of his smiling face and got to hear that he was "hot, tired but good."

The Church just recently changed policy that missionaries can wear sunglasses and hats as a form of protection from sun exposure.

Future's So Bright
"Here it is now starting the extreme heat, this last week 3 days it got up to 113 degrees and the hot air is just the killer. Its been pretty strong the heat but we of course need to continue to work and be diligent so we can have miracles in our area."

"This week was más o menos for us. The heat was strong and that made us a more tired but we had one of the best and complete days of my mission on Friday. We were completely in tune with the Spirit and we were focused the whole day to the Spirit and we found the necessary people we needed to find and had good contacts and we were able to discern the needs of the people with the Spirit. It was the coolest day. I know the power of the Spirit is real and it is necessary for this work. We don't always have days quite as good that, but we always strive to maintain the Spirit and be worthy of it."

Picking ciruelas- a small juicy fruit that he says is similar to a peach
"There has been a few problems in the mission and a few people went home and other problems so its kind of a mess right now but it helped me realize to be more obedient still and be a better person and example. I'm grateful for these experiences, I know they will serve me well for the rest of my life. Now with 9 months in the mission the time is going too fast!"
Miss this smile!!!

Con Familia Gavia  who he says is very good to him and his companion

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