Monday, October 26, 2015

A Painting in the Sky

The coolest sunset I've ever seen

Hey Everyone!

It was another good week here in Teacapan. Things were kinda scary around here because of all the talk of the hurricane kinda close by but the Lord blessed us because we hardly saw any effects of Hurricane Patricia here. Some people closed their little stores and left for a little bit because of the Hurricane and the town was pretty dead for a little bit. The wind picked up a little bit and was cloudy but that is all. The waves from the sea were pretty rough earlier last week. 

However, on Wednesday last week there we saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. We went to the beach and took a bunch of pictures. It looked like a painting in the sky. 
Everything is good here. It is still very hot with a lot of humidity which is not fun because the mosquitos are pretty bad right now. We are praying for rain so it can be a little more fresco here.

This was a pretty slow week. We have been contacting in the street to find more people to teach but we aren't really having any luck. We talk to a lot of people and offer service to them but nobody accepts it haha. 
Jameson said he ripped his pants in this hamock but a nice member sewed them up for him
There's a lot of people who work as camarones or fish for shrimp in the sea here. At a lot of our appointments we have some sort of meal with beans, tortillas and shrimp. I love the food here tho! I really enjoy the food, the members make amazing meals for the missionaries. We are really grateful for them in feeding us because we dont have a lot of money to get groceries every week. The other day Elder Moncayo and I made tortillas. We went to a members Tortilla shop where she makes and sells tortillas. It is a a cool process and we got to help make and stack the tortillas which was fun.
Tortilla making at Hna Rubi

Elder Moncayo and I are getting along really well. He and I are pretty close already! He is really awesome and is really fun to be around all day everyday. 
On the way back from Cristo Rey
He said I need to talk more because he usually talks to everyone and I just pay attention and listen and bear my testimony but I am getting better and working on that everyday. My Spanish is getting better still. Its getting easier to understand the people here but I still have to ask a lot of questions to understand. Its been a good learning experience and Im excited to be fluent haha. Presidente Velez wrote me and told me to be patient and by 3 months in my Spanish should be muy bueno. I bring my dictionario with me everywhere and use it a lot. Hermano Hernandez in the ward has helped me a little with my Spanish because he teaches English here. The other day he told me to speak English really fast to see if he could understand haha, he could. It's really funny when my companion or others try to speak English. I bet they think the same about me speaking Spanish! Right now im still studying and reading el Libro de Mormon. Im in 1 Nephi 13 right now.

Our investigator Narciso has been making some great progress! He said that he wants to be baptized on the 21 of November, he also said he wants to get baptized in the sea. We taught him the commandments this week which he thought were pretty strong commandments, the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. He told us that his daughter offered him coffee but he said no which was really good to hear! He has been coming to church every week and we have been teaching him everyday which has been great! Im learning a lot about how to teach to our investigators needs. I can always feel the Spirit in our lessons with him. It's cool to see his progression and willingness to come unto Christ. This is what I want for everyone I teach!

They are building a new chapel here in Teacapan which is a little bigger than the one we go to now. We are hoping to find more people to teach and invite to church when the new chapel is finished. The branch is doing well. There was about 40 people at church yesteday which was good! We had combined priesthood and relief society because it was 4th sunday. We talked about the importance of home and visiting teachers. There is no one that does it here and we are hoping that Home and Visiting Teaching will lighten our load as missionaries and trying to meet with everyone. We are going to try to help with that.

Saturday night at 12 was Daylight savings and we moved our clocks back and we got an extra hour of sleep which was nice! On Sunday, Elder Moncayo left Teacapan for a couple days because since Moncayo is the District Leader he has to go to a leadership training in Culiacan for a few days. So he is there and I am with another gringo in a pueblo called Rosario close to Escuinapa and about an hour from Teacapan. 
Magic town
I'm with Elder Helvey from Utah and its kinda nice to speak English and to understand him haha. Elder Helveys comp went with my comp to Culiacan. Today is P day and so Elder Helvey showed me some of the touristy spots in this town. There is a really a lot of history here. (He said they are at a place with computers that costs them 35 pesos for 2 hours of internet time.)
Lagoon in Rosario
Catholic Church in Rosario

Catholic Church in Rosario
Streets of Rosario

I'm starting to enjoy what im doing a lot more now that I am settled in to Teacapan! It's really awesome to talk to a lot of people, answer their questions, and teach them the Doctrine of Christ. Im learning a lot everyday and Im working as hard as I can to serve the Lord with all my mind, heart, might, and strength. Ive been so blessed. Thanks for the prayers!

Love Elder Bennett

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