Monday, October 19, 2015

Bienvenidos a Teacapan

Hola Everyone!

My first week in the mission field was definitely a learning experience! I am in the southern most part of the Culiacan mission in a small beach town called Teacapan. It is right on the coast and it is very warm!! The people say that its not usually this hot this time of the year. It is very beautiful here tho. There is a lot of palm trees and beautiful sunsets at night.

Sunset on the playa

The people are very nice here. The people don't have a lot. Not many have air conditioning or plumbing but are so willing to help us and hear our message.
Casas in Teacapan

I got the chance to meet all the members of the small branch here. The members are very kind to us missionaries. They feed us everyday at 2 o'clock and always give us a drink of cold water. Every here asks me where I'm from and what my name is. Everyone asks if Nebraska is cold. I tell them no because they are thinking of Alaska haha.
Elder Moncayo at the church building in Teacapan

The Spanish is pretty difficult. Everyone talks so fast and I cant really understand anyone, but I can catch a few words here and there. I always have to ask my companion what someone says which is a little embarrassing but I don't know what they are saying. Its definitely a challenge right now but it's only the first week and I get better everyday. It's a little frustrating because I want to help these people but its hard because I don't understand what is going on and I don't know enough to how to help them. I pray for strength and the Spirit to help me everyday. Elder Moncayo has been in Teacapan for 3 months now so he knows a lot of people and where they live. Most of the time he talks and I try my best to follow along and say things if I can. I know how to say prayers, bear testimony, read the scriptures, say my name and where I am from and that is about all right now but I am learning a lot. Elder Moncayo is very helpful and patient with me. He has helped me a lot so far. Our first investigator, is a 74 year old man who is interested in our message. We gave him a priesthood blessing my first day here. He came to church yesterday which was awesome! He has a lot of questions. I try to teach him when I can. There is a lot of work to be done here and I am excited to help, teach, and serve everyday!

The food here great! Yesterday we had fried fish with the Branch Pres and his wife. He said I could have the biggest one. He didn't cut of the head so the eyes and teeth were just staring at me the whole time haha. (Jameson told Troy he thought it looked like it was growling at him)

We also had a lot of shrimp since many work as camarones who fish for shrimp everyday in the sea. Elder Moncayo and I also make our own breakfast and sometimes dinner which is fun. Yesterday we made pancakes. We also eat a lot of eggs and tortillas.
The kitchen

I was able to get settled in to our tiny casa in Teacapan. I got all my things organized and unpacked everything.
We go to a members house to do laundry- we carry buckets of water to the washer

The bathroom- no hot water for showers
View from our casa- we are woken up every day by chickens
We have personal study. companionship study, language study, planning, and training everyday. At 12 o clock is when we usually go out and see members, talk to less actives, investigators, or talk to people in the streets. It's fun because its something new everyday and you never know what is going to happen. However yesterday we were in the sketchy part of town and we got stopped 3 times by drunk guys who just tried to be ignorant to us haha.

We have bikes that some members let us use which is pretty handy in getting around everywhere. On Saturday, we rode our bikes to Cristo Rey which a small town close to Teacapan, it took us about 15 minutes to get there. We had lunch and talk to the members there. People are always home so its easy to find people.
Bike ride to Cristo Rey

I knew this wasn't going to be easy, and its not haha. But if it was easy then it wouldn't be worth it. I'm grateful to be here and help bring God's children back to him. Thanks for the prayers! Love you all.

Elder Bennett

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