Wednesday, October 14, 2015

District 16D

I was happily surprised on Saturday to receive a short email from Jameson answering some of the questions I had after his last email.

Hey! We can email today since we are all done learning on TALL. So, yes, I am the only gringo going to Culiacan out of 9 other missionaries who are Latinos. I leave at 4 am from the CCM and Elder Cordon takes a bus which leaves around 10 am so he will be without a companion for a while. I trade 3 of my worst ties for better ones. Only one had the heart message on the back but I just kept that, can I just iron those on to other ties? I wish I would have brought ugly ties too tho so I can trade those or wear them...But yeah I think I brought way too much stuff, people dont have near as much as me. I dont know how I am going to take everything. One of the other missionaries said I can be overweight but I just have to pay it and our mission pres will reimburse us?? I dont know I will try my best to be under tho. I'm sending a few pics too. (I had expressed that I was sad to not have seen his face!)

Distric 16D
Connor Nielson was in my EFY group and we found a secret message with a key to the house he stayed in which is the same house that we live in! We were in the same classroom too.

Secret Message

New scripture case for English Scriptures

Last picture with his teacher Hermano Silva

Friends from District 6
Leaving everyone was pretty difficult at the CCM. Sunday was a pretty emotional day saying bye to my district and friends. We watched a video about Joseph Smith and the Restoration before we left which was amazing, I had never seen it before. We had a testimony meeting with all the missionaries leaving. There were 69 of us who were leaving not including the Latinos. Packing was almost as difficult as saying bye to everyone.

Last District picture

Elder Engles, one of my best friends since September 2nd

Latino amigos

Slide Show for all the Districts leaving and singing Hasta Ver

Casa 33

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