Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Viva Mexico

Viva Mexico
Hola everyone!

I made it to Culiacan!! I left the CCM at 4 in the morning and my bags just barely made the weight requrements. My bags were 50, 50, and22. We got to the airport and the 10 of us waited in the airport for a few hours which is probably the biggest airport Ive ever been too. We got some food and I tried to sleep a little before we left. We then had to go through security and they had to check my bag and I forgot I had scissors in there haha. 
Missionaries going to Culiacan
We then all had to get on a bus to the plane that was going to Culiacan. The flight was good. It was 2 hours and 11 minutes and I slept on the way there which was great. We got to Culiacan just fine and as soon as we got off we could feel the humidity and the heat slap us in the face right away. Presidente Velez and his assistants Elder Reese and Elder Villadiego were there to pick us up. We all hopped in a van and were brought to Presidente Velez's home which was very beautiful. Hermana Velez made us lunch and it was very good! They have beans and tortillas for every meal here. They took a pictures of all of us new missionaries with Presidente and Hermana Velez. It was fun to talk to them and get to know them, they are very nice. We then went to the mission home in Culiacan. We were greeted by a lot of missionaries. I was able to talk to the English missionaries and they kinda helped me and encouraged me.

Presidente and his wife talked to us. Since all the new missionaries were Latino they spoke in strictly Spanish and I wasn't able to understand quite everything. They talked to us about the rules and our purpose here. Also gave us M and Ms which stands for Missionaries and Members and the importance of working with the members. We received a binder full of talks, advice, motivational things, health tips, etc. We found out our companion and our area of service. I found out that my trainer is with Elder Moncayo serving in the Escuinapa Stake in Teacapan. Teacapan is a small beach town right off the sea. A few of us took a taxi to the bus station where they dropped me off. They told me to get on a bus and travel 5 hours all by myself to Escuinapa. I was so scared traveling by myself and not knowing how to talk to people. They showed movies in Spanish on the way there and the bus had a bathroom and air conditioning which made the ride easier. I got to see a lot of Mexico on my way to Escuinapa.
Bus ride to Escuinapa

Bus ride stopped in Rosario

It finally hit me that I was in Mexico and that I was in the middle of it all now. I got to Escuinapa at 7 30 and Elder Moncayo and another Elder were there to pick me up luckily. We brought my suitcases to a sketchy apartment in the middle of the city where I stayed the night before going to Teacapan the next day. The Elders made me food which was really nice of them and we got to know each other better. I wrote in my journal and went to bed and I slept really good!

Elder Moncayo and I
It is sooooo hot here. All the missionaries have wash clothes that they use to wipe their face from the sweat. Elder Moncayo is from Ecuador and doesnt speak English haha. This is the real deal now. My companion is awesome. He is short but has a lot of energy. He is the district leader. This morning we got up and got ready and went to the chapel to study and meet with the missionaries in the district. Theres 3 other gringos. We practiced teaching an investigator about faith. We then went to the store and bought groceries. We got the basics like bread, eggs, tortillas, cheese, cereal, and other things to eat. Escuinapa is a bigger town with a lot of things going on. We then went back to the other Elders apartment where we stayed the night and got my stuff before getting on the bus. The bus ride to Teacapan was about an hour and this bus didnt have movies, airconditioning or a bathroom haha.
Waiting for the bus to Teacapan
We talked to a Catholic guy about the church for the little bit and answered his questions about the Bible. Teacapan is very small and our apartment is even smaller! Our apartment is about 2 streets down from the sea. We dropped off my stuff and went to go to a members house to get bikes. We then went to the branch presidents house where they fed us pig and beans. It is very warm here and Ive already almost sweated through my shirt. There are a lot of dogs. There aren't many businesses and the house and people are kinda poor. Our P day is on Monday but Elder Moncayo said he wasn't able to email and do laundry yesterday so we get to today.

Everything is good here and now I just need to settle in and get to work. There's lot of work to do here and I am excited to get to know the people and keep learning the language. These first few weeks and months are going to be a struggle but I know the Lord will bless me and help me with anything I need. I know this Gospel is true and being in the field is exciting but difficult. Prayers would be appreciated! Thank you for everything! Much love!

Elder Bennett

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