Monday, November 2, 2015

Daylight Savings & Rain

Flooded streets

Hey Everyone!

Things have been good but kinda difficult because Daylight Savings and rain. The time moved and now it gets darker earlier and its harder to meet with people and do everything before it gets dark. Presidente Velez just made a rule that everyone needs to be at their casas by 8 pm to study since it's dangerous to be out at night. We also received 11 inches of rain in 2 days earlier last week and the streets are literally rivers. 
Rivers for streets

Sunset selfies

The water is actually on the road- we could get through with our bikes
Another awesome sunset

Our shoes and clothes get so dirty from having to ride our bikes through the ponds in the streets. One time I fell and my whole shoe got soaked and muddy so that wasn't fun. Our numbers were kinda down this week because Moncayo went to Culiacan and I to Rosario and we went to Escuinapa for a zone meeting also. Our meeting with the Zone was really good. Our zone leaders taught us about our purpose as leaders in the mission. They counseled us to not have fear and to always have the Spirit with us wherever we go. We also took pictures at the end which was fun.
Junta de zona
Zone Conference

This week was Elder Moncayo's 20th birthday! On his birthday I made breakfast and ironed his shirt for him. Then I paid for dinner that night which we had hamburgers and Coca Cola. The members were really nice and made him a cake and we all sang to him. His birthday was on one of the days that it rained a lot so that was kinda a bummer but it was still good for him I think.
Hamburgers for Moncayo's birthday
Celebrating his birthday

Castro Family's home

We had an activity at the church this week. Every last friday in the month is a activity at the chapel lead by the youth in the branch. This month a few of them talked about their favorite General Conferences talks and gave spiritual thoughts from the Scriptures. It was a neat thing to witness. After we had a snack and played a few games, one of which was tug of war and Elder Moncayo and I had to compete against each other. Beforehand, they told us who was Jesus Christ and who was Satan. Elder Moncayo was Jesus and I was Satan and we had to try to persuade the members to help tug the rope. More people helped Elder Moncayo (Jesus) who of course won haha.
Activity at the church

Me drawing the sacred grove
Our good friend Santiago

Last week was Halloween and the start of the Day of the Dead activities. There was a lot more people in the small town of Teacapan. They've been having a dance party on the beach every night this week. On Halloween night it was cool to see the kids running around getting candy. The kids only go to the little stores and businesses for candy since no one really goes house to house. The kids also just paint their face or wear a scary mask and don't go full costume. On Nov 1, the Dia de Muertos started, and that was the day to honor the children. Today is the actual day of celebration and there's lots of food, flowers, dancing and people visiting the graves.
Elder Moncayo in a Halloween mask

Our investigator Narciso is doing well! He is progressing and understanding what we teach him. He came to church for the 3 time last sunday. We visit him almost everyday. He lives by himself so I'm glad we are able to give him some company. We made lunch for him and ourselves and ate with him. He has no job and no money and his family doesn't help him so I don't know how he gets by but I'm glad we can help him. He said he would like to be baptized a week early than planned. He will have to talk to the Presidente Velez on the phone to see if he is ready. The time that we brought him lunch and had a lesson was really cool. We talked about the Plan of Salvation. My companion and I were able to easily say what we needed to say and he listened and learned. It was a great spiritual experience for the week.

The language is doing better but still difficult. I just need to keep having patience and take it a day at a time in learning. I do feel little more comfortable though.

I'm happy that I can share the same happiness that I feel with the people here. It's been difficult but last week in the Zone Conference I really liked that they said the Lord gives us this tests and trials to prepare us for future experiences. I am grateful for my knowledge of the Gospel and the opportunity I have to share it with others everyday! Take Care everyone!

Elder Bennett

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