Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 5 in Teacapan

Hola todos!

This is week 5 in Teacapan! Next week is transfers so we are going to find out if either myself or my companion leaves here or stays. I hope I stay another transfer because I love it here. Its fun getting to know the members and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have fun and amazing experiences everyday. Each day is different and I learn something new each and everyday. This week was good because I felt like I could understand Spanish a lot better this week which was nice because I like to know what is going on haha. Although we have our challenges here I wouldn't trade these tests, trials, and experiences for anything because I know this is where I need to be and there are people hearing waiting to be taught specifically by me.
More Playa

On Friday we went to Culiacan. Its about a five hour trip there. The bus ride there isn't so bad though because the bus that we went on was equipped with comfy seats and movies. We watched the movie Pearl Harbor in Spanish which was good, it helps me with my Spanish a little bit. I also caught up on some sleep since we had to get up at 4 in the morning that day. We went to Culiacan because I needed to fill out some forms for Migration so I can stay in Mexico. My green card last for one year then I can renew it again. After filling out the forms we talked to Presidente Velez and he congratulated me on my first baptism. We then took a bus and ate at KFC which is much different than the KFC's in the United States haha. We got back then I went with another Elder in the office to a lunch appt and I was already full and I didn't want to be rude so I ate lunch there too. I think I literally rolled out of the members house. Presidente told us to return to Teacapan the same day so we stayed the night in Escuinapa since there are no busses at 11 at night.
Get that corn out of my face!

Save me a piece of that corn for later- Nacho Libre

We had a few interesting experiences this week contacting in the street. We talked to a few people of different faiths and just simply bore testimony of our beliefs and share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they told us they we were wrong and that they didn't believe what we said was true. It was kinda frustrating because I know its true and its difficult when people try to contradict what I know to be true. It was a learning experience and a testimony builder.

We had our last Sunday in the old chapel in Teacapan. The new meetinghouse is finishing up painting right now and next Sunday we will meet there and have air conditioning again! The heat has been relentless here. And so have the mosquitos. This week on the 19th we are having an activity, movie night watching Meet the Mormons. We have invited a lot of people and so we are hoping there will be a good showing.

We were able to help Narciso out this week and we got him a white shirt, tie, pants, dress shoes, a large sized Book of Mormon because he cant see well, and some sandwiches. He is now set to go and he is doing well. We have a few more potential investigators that we are teaching right now and this week we are going to challenge to baptism.

On Sunday we went to a Priesthood Mtg in Escuinapa which was really awesome. Presidente Velez and his counselors came and talked about the priesthood and leadership responsibilities which was perfect because it was exactly what the Teacapan branch needed to hear. Today all the missionaries in the zone came to Teacapan which was a blast. We played soccer on the malecon. It was very hot. We then did laundry and now are writing!

The work keeps pressing on no matter what and there is nobody that will bring us down. We are praying hard and doing our best! An attitude of love and patience is something we have been trying to do because everyone deserves it. I love this work and I am doing well!
Thanks for the love and prayers! Take care everyone.

Elder Bennett

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