Monday, November 23, 2015

The Revolution of Mexico


Well this was a pretty crazy week! We had a pretty busy week. We had divisiones this week which means I went with another companion for a couple of days. I went with Elder Moreira serving in Escuinapa who is from Ecuador also and he finishes his mission today. It was cool to get some advice and stories from an experienced missionary. With him I discovered these little ice creams that we can buy which are really good! I had a good time with Elder Moreira and we challenged one man to baptism and he said yes. I returned to Teacapan with Elder Moncayo and we got back to work. We found two more investigators that we are going to start teaching, Lorenzo and José. We have them and Estevan and few others that we are teaching right now.

Last week on the 20th of November was the Revolution of Mexico. It was a fiesta in Mexico all last week. The plaza was filled with games, food, carnival rides, and people. Its like the fair for us in Nebraska. So everyone was doing that and there was hardly anyone home so it was difficult. All the students in elementary, middle and high school participate in a parade. The parade for the kids in kindergarten was the 19th and on the 20th was the big parade. There are bands, dancers, cheerleaders, and others who participate. It was really cool to experience the culture of Mexico and experience they way they do things here.
Little Kids Parade

Today is transfers and it was sad because my companion Elder Moncayo left. Today we sent him off to La Cruz which is close to Culiacan. I will see him in our multi zone activity for Christmas in Mazatlan. My new companion is coming from Los Cabos in La Baja and comes in to Escuinapa later tonight. His name is Elder Castillo and he is from Mexico City. He has 9 months in the mission. I will meet him tomorrow at our district meeting. He is going to finish my 12 week training. I was sad that Elder Moncayo left because we had grown pretty close but all is well. I am still here in Teacapan with my new companion Elder Castillo so I am going to teach him the area and the people here. This is going to be a test for me since I am still fairly new. I know the Lord gives us challenges to help us grow and this is a opportunity for me and my testimony to grow.

We had our last week (for real this time) in the old meetinghouse in Teacapan. We are moving things to the new and finished Casa de Oracion Nueva this week. It has air conditioning and I am really excited about that. We are having about 60 people come to church every week so it is time for a change. We are having an activity this week of watching Meet the Mormons in the new chapel. We are inviting a lot of people to the activity.

I am really improving in my Spanish and I am able to say things rather than think about it and translate so I am kinda excited about that. I know the Lord is blessing me with learning the language.

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico but I want my family and everyone to know how much I love and appreciate you all for your prayers and support for me. I know the Lord loves us very much and we have much to be thankful for! Gracias por todo. Take Care!

Elder Bennett

(He was trying to upload more pictures but they never came through :( I sure miss seeing his smiling face! )

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