Monday, November 30, 2015

Last week's missing pictures and the first week with Elder Castillo

Here are the missing pictures from last week.

train tracks in Esquinapa
More parade pictures from Revolution de Mexico

Painting at Hermana Isabels

I almost got splashed, haha!

Pictures by the sea

Goodbye to Elder Moncayo- not fun!

Buenas dias!

This was a challenging week I would say but it was good. My new companion arrived to Teacapan last Wednesday and since then we have got right to work. We have been very busy visiting the members and riding our bikes around Teacapan to help him know the people and the area better. My companion is Elder Castillo from Mexico City. His last area was in Los Cabos so it was a long journey here. He has 9 months in the mission. He is a kind, lovable person. He is very knowledgeable in the scriptures like Elder Moncayo. I like that he is very sincere in bearing his testimony. I will finish my 12 week training with him this cambio. There are definitely tests and trials with a new companion and I've definitely learned patience, charity, and kindness with both of my companions so far. When I look passed the little things I am not used to things are so much better for me and him.

My new companion Elder Castillo from Mexico City
It has been a little difficult trying to plan and help him know the area and the people and it has been a test of faith but I know I am strengthen by the Lord each day as I truly give my best effort. At first my planning wasn't very good and we were riding our bikes all over town and not having success. Because of this I know the Lord was trying to teach me something. However at the end of the week we had success. We were blessed with a busy schedule for next with a lot of appointments and an activity at the church on Saturday. We had to change the date again to watch Meet The Mormons at the new Casa de Oracion so it is this Saturday for sure haha!

This week we had our first Sunday in the new Casa de Oracion which was awesome! The new building used to be a hotel so it has many rooms and a big space in the middle for activities. 

New Casa de Oracion in Teacapan
The first Sunday was great. We had 62 members attend church which is the most we've had since I have been here. It is a little bit of a walk to the new building but that is okay. We also taught the Gospel Principles class which was good! 
Classrooms- it used to be a hotel- we might get to live here
The branch is planning an activity for Christmas coming up on the 19th of this month. We are going to slaughter a pig and have 500 tacos and games, dancing, and a Nativity. Of course they ask me to be the angel because I'm a gringo right? We invited all the people who live around the new church building to come to church and we had a few people come to see what it was like which was good.
The pig that we are going to eat for our Christmas activity

This last week we had another hurricane come our way. Hurricane Sandra, category 4. Nothing major happened. Just storming and lots of rain again. It was really refreshing this week since it was cloudy and the sun wasn't beating down on us. The bad part is the streets are full of rain and mud and it gets up on our pants when we ride our bikes which isn't fun. But this is Mexico and this is the way things are down here I guess haha.

We didn't have thanksgiving here unfortunately. We just ate a members house like usual which was good as usual. We had crabs caught from the sea with Hermana Ana which was new for me. Turns out I really like crab! 
Crabs at Hermana Ana's- yum!
Today for P day we went with a member who is 19, like us, and is going to serve a mission, to a Japanese restaurant here in Teacapan. I ordered sushi and an egg roll which turned out to be very good. This was my first time eating sushi. I talked to the owner a little bit because he is from Japan but he married his wife who lives here in Mexico so he knows English, Spanish and Japanese which was cool.
Japanese restaurant in Teacapan
My first time trying sushi

This last week we went to Cristo Rey and it was difficult because it was really windy from the hurricane winds. We taught two lessons to the members there which was really awesome. We taught two parables. We taught one from the Bible about the rich man and the beggar and taught that this is the time to meet God and the other was in Doctrine and Covenants. I really felt the Spirit when we taught the lessons and I know it was the right things for them to hear.

This week we were contacting in the street and we went to a man's house that had shown some interest before so we went to his house and we knocked on the fence of his house and said the usual Buenas Tardes and nobody came. But I had a prayer in my heart that someone would come and after a few minutes he came. Nothing came from it but its just the little answered prayers that strengthen my testimony and faith in God and Jesus Christ.

I love this Gospel and the opportunity I have to be here in Teacapan! Thanks for your prayers and support. Cuidese!

Elder Bennett

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