Monday, December 7, 2015

The Importance of Being Bold

Sunset in Teacapan

Hola everyone and buenas dias!

It was another great week here in Teacapan, Mexico! We had another busy week of a zone meeting, an activity, lessons, tracting, studying, praying, reading, laughing and eating as well! We went to Escuinapa on Saturday for a Zone Meeting given by our Zone Leaders Elder Hernandez and Elder Taveras which was really great! We learned the importance of being bold and never having fear in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We watched a really powerful video by President Henry B. Eyring about how we are called of God and that it is direct relevation from God where missionaries are called to serve. It made me realize even more the importance of my calling as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and that I was meant to serve in Teacapan to teach, serve, and uplift someone here.
Zone Meeting

This was the second week with my new companion Elder Castillo and things couldn't be better with him. At first things were kinda rough to be honest and I had troubles getting along with him. But this week I got on my knees and prayed for the love, charity, and patience like Christ and this week went a lot better and we had more success! I accepted him for who he his and myself and him were able to feel the Spirit more abundantly in our lessons and in our casa. I have a strong testimony that God answers each and every one of our prayers. This last week I saw the Lord a lot in my life through answered prayers. I am really grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and for his son Jesus Christ.
On the road to Cristo Rey

This week we had more success in our goals and plans for the week. It is getting easier to plan and get around Teacapan because I know this place really well. It reminds me of Syracuse a little bit. It really cool being able to talk about Christmas and the reason we celebrate it. A lot of the people we contact in the street dont know why we celebrate Christmas so it is special to be able to share a pass along card and bear testimony about the Birth of the Savior. #HaNacidoUnSalvador It has cooled down a little bit here but not much and it is still pretty warm. People here are starting to get in the Christmas spirit by putting up lights in their homes or businesses. Some people have Christmas trees and others have the Virgin Mary with lights around here since she is a big figure for the Catholic church and there are many Catholics here in Mexico. There are so many good people here in Mexico and sharing similar beliefs in God and Jesus Christ is great.

Last Saturday we had the activity at the new church building here in Teacapan. We told everyone that it is at 6 o clock and at 6 o clock only five people had come so we were kinda discouraged. We waited a little longer and by 6 30 about fifty people had showed up! The movie was shown on a projector and we had popcorn and it turned out very well! We were very pleased and happy that people were able to watch it since there are no movie theaters here for people to watch it on.
Meet the Mormons Movie Activity

Today for preparation day we washed our clothes and went with a member, Mosiah, to go fishing on the malecon. 
The Malecon
We caught 13 fish. My companion caught 8 and I caught 5. I caught a catfish which was the biggest and also a pufferfish that is kinda dangerous so we put that one back haha. When we were fishing we were offered drugs and I also saw a guy in a Nebraska shirt haha. We also found out that we live next to a narco, which is a drug dealer but he is a nice man.

My first fish I caught!

I want to bear my testimony that I know this church is true and that Christ lives! I know he loves each and every one of us. He demonstrated his love by performing the Atonement. I know that The Book of Mormon is the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses our lives immensely. Thanks for the prayers and support! Take Care! Feliz Navidad!

Elder Bennett
Cat and really large mouse

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