Monday, December 5, 2016

Ask and it shall be given you!

Hey Everyone!

Luke 11:9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. 10 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

I want to share a miracle that happened this week. For about a month, Elder Sanchez and I have been trying to find a new casa to live in, but we hadn't any luck finding one. We prayed almost everyday to find a good, safe place, a little more centered in our area, but we didn't have much luck. One of the departments that we looked at was pretty expensive, the owner was asking $6000 pesos, we explained that we were missionaries and that we would pay on time every month and she dropped the price of the rent to $4000 pesos, but it still was out of the price range. We only receive $3500 max to pay for the rent. We told the owner thank you for your time and we left a blessing for her and her home and we left. A few weeks later, we received a call that she could rent the house for $3500, the price we had been wanting. It was a huge relief to know that we could touch this lady's heart that through her the Lord blessed us with an answer to our prayers. I know that we have to been patient when we ask God for answers to our needs and questions. I know God answers prayers and does not cease to be a God of miracles!
Beautiful  Mazatlan

This has been a very good week!

The temperatures have finally gotten cooler here in Mazatlan. It's been 60s, 70s más o menos. Fall has finally arrived here to Mexico haha! I never has felt so comfortable walking in the streets all days than now.

Monument by the Aquarium
Elder Sanchez and I will be companions for this next transfer here in Albatros. I will be the District Leader again so that will be a good experience! I love helping others!

Beautiful Sunset
We had quite a few lessons this week that we were able to help our investigators progress! We have one investigator named Lupita who we are working with. She has a big familia, but she is the only one listening to us as of now. She is very close to the Spirit and we have had very spiritual moments with her. Tomorrow we will see if she has received an answer to her prayers concerning baptism. We have other families that we are teaching that need lots of prayers: The Familia Regalado, Familia Sanchez, Familia Guzman. Little by little we are helping these people come closer to Christ and learn of His true Gospel!
District Meeting fun

The Church's Christmas initiative this year #IluminaElMundo has been going good! We have been able to watch the video in with a few people and it's been a great experience helping people learn of Christ and the perfect example that he has set for us. Like it shows in the video, we have to follow His example so we can learn to be like Him and feel His love for us. I love this Holiday season.
Last Mazatlan Oeste zone pic

On Sunday, I had the special opportunity to translate for a man that came from Idaho Falls for vacation every year. He told the congregation that he has been coming here for 12 years and he loves coming to Barrio Albatros. I could feel the Spirit through his testimony. A valiant woman who was blinded from sickness bore here simple testimony and the Spirit of God filled the Sacrament room. I know this is God's true church.
Members fro Idaho Falls
Hope everyone has a great week and a happy holiday season.

Pday at Carl Jr's

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