Monday, December 12, 2016

A Little Trip to the USA

Hola buenas tardes!

“For my soul delighteth in plainness; for after this manner doth the Lord God work among the children of men. For the Lord God giveth light unto the understanding; for he speaketh unto men according to their language, unto their understanding.”
—2 Nephi 31:3

I learned this week that as missionaries we need to speak with clarity and plainness, with the intention that our investigators truly understand the doctrine. President Packer said “True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior.” I know that if truly come to know, understand, and apply the doctrine of Christ in our lives, we will experience a change of heart. This change of heart will motivate us to always follow Christ and do as He did. I am grateful for the knowledge of the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, because I know that God loves me and all His children to restore His Gospel in these lasts days.
Breakfast in the USA

This has been one of the craziest weeks of the mission! I received a call from the secretaries on Tuesday saying that I will be going on a trip for 3 days with a man that works for the church. They told me there was a problem in my papers (error of the secretary) when I went to renew my visa. The people who work for immigration didn't accept my papers and told me that I have to take out a new visa. So that resulted in a plane ride to Mexico City, then to Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, Texas. I left for Mexico City on Thursday morning from the airport in Culiacan.

I didn't think I would be returning there until 2 years was up but it was necessary so I wouldn't be deported from Mexico. Rodrigo Hernandez, who is in charge of all the visas for the foreigners serving in Mexico, came with me on the trip. He is really nice! We flew to Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua together and stayed in a hotel.
Hotel we stayed in Cuidad Juarez

Then the next morning we drove a rental car to El Paso, Texas. It was 32 degrees in Chihuahua, thankfully I brought my jacket so I didn't freeze haha. It was very interesting crossing the border, they can be pretty rough.
Crossing the Border back to the US
El Paso
We went to the consulate and everything went smoothly. 
New Visa
We had time after taking out my visa to do a little shopping. Hno Rodrigo shopped for his two little boys for Christmas and I bought a few gifts for my district. Hno Rodgrigo was really nervous driving in United States and ran two stop signs and got pulled over by the plaza security, but luckily we didn't get a ticket. It felt really weird to be back in the US and talking English again.

We almost weren't able to cross the border back into Mexico because we didn't know that we had to cancel my green card from last year before taking out a new visa. 
Ready to head back to Mexico
Leaving the USA- back to Mexico
We said a prayer and they were able to allow us back into Mexico so we could make it on time for our flight on Saturday morning. We were able to see the temple in Ciudad Juarez and take pictures.

Cuidad Juarez Temple
We wanted to do a session but it was being cleaned. We got back to Mexico and waited all day in the airport for my flight back to Mazatlan at 4 oclock. 
Waiting all day to head back to Mazatlan

We didn't have a whole lot of lessons this week due to my little trip but I am reunited with my companion and we are ready to put baptismal dates and for serving everyone this Christmas season!

It has now warmed up again here in Mazatlan. We will be finally moving to the new apartment here in the next few weeks!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas season!

Elder Bennett

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