Monday, September 5, 2016

Trials Bring Strength- 1 year in the Mission

1 Year!!!!

Alma 44:4 Now ye see that this is the true faith of God; yea, ye see that God will support, and keep, and preserve us, so long as we are faithful unto him, and unto our faith, and our religion; and never will the Lord suffer that we shall be destroyed except we should fall into transgression and deny our faith.

Hola a todos!

It has been a challenging week, but we were triumphant!

1 year down, 1 to go
Wow I have been in Mexico for one whole year! What an amazing, dificult, challenging yet rewarding year in the mission it has been. The next year will be full of unforgettable experiences now that I will be able to serve the Lord more fully and wisely.
Tradition to burn a shirt at one year

Our biggest test of this last week was moving...We only had to move about a block and a half from where we were living but the move seemed much longer than it should have been because Elder Navarro and I were moving everything. None of the members were able to help and so my companion and I carried our beds, the tables, chairs, books, refrigerator, and books by hand to our new smaller house. And it just so happened to be a million degrees that day as well so we slept super well Tuesday night because we were dead tired and burnt from the sun. This was the second time moving houses in the mission and it is not the most fun thing to do haha.
New house with brand new air conditioner- feels like Nebraska at night!!

The moving day had an effect on us physically for the rest of the week but we endured to the end of week exherting all of our strength for the Lord. We now have set days to go to Boscoso and Potrerillos and the members who live there feed us lunch at 2:00 pm so we can work there for the whole day. This area is much more interesting and fun when we can look for new people in these ranchos.

Cooking on the ironing board- #newhouseproblems
Ahh the work of a missionary is so amazing! I don't know I have faced a lot of difficulties in my areas so far in the mission but I know the challenges and problems I have faced with my companions has helped me become a better missionary and person, more dedicated to my God. Some days are just so scorching hot, the mosquitoes are so annoying, the unavoidable mud, rude people in the streets, and investigators that don't want progress. But there is one attribute of Christ I have developed through all of this.....LOVE! I have learned to have patience in my trials because I know that my Heavenly Father is patient with me! I have learned to serve Him unselfishly and be more humble with everyone. Great blessings have come in my life through the Gospel and sharing this message of hope with others!

Peter Piper Pizza
On Sunday we had our investigator Adrian attend church who is progressing for his baptismal date for 24 of September! It's been such a privilege to see this man change his life. We also had our investigators Cindy and Ismael with their four children attend church! They had a great first experience. This week we were teaching Cindy and Ismael and we challenged them to be baptized for 8 of October and later we found out that they were frightened by this challenge. We invited them to pray and ask the Lord personally if they should make this choice in their life. Our purpose as missionaries not is to gain more people in the church, but help people learn to live the Gospel for themselves and have peace in this life and joy in the eternity. 

Elder Navarro is so awesome! He sure knows how to make me laugh! Sometime we lose our patience with each other but at the end of the day we always end our planning session with a hug. I love training and helping him become a successful missionary!

Receiving the blessings of the Lord requires much more than a belief in Him, but requires us to live as an example, as a testimony of the faith and confidence we have in Him. The Gospel helps us have this eternal perspective of ourselves, God and the world. There is safety in obedience. This I know is true.

Elder Bennett

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