Monday, September 19, 2016

The Little Moments

Alma 5:12 And according to his faith there was a mighty change wrought in his heart. Behold I say unto you that this is all true. 13 And behold, he preached the word unto your fathers, and a mighty change was also wrought in their hearts, and they humbled themselves and put their trust in the true and living God. And behold, they were faithful until the end; therefore they were saved.

Elder Nevarro completed his 7th week of training.

The Gospel truly does bless people's lives and especially families! We are truly blessed to have the fulness of the Gospel in the latter-days that has been revealed through a modern day prophet named Jospeh Smith. I KNOW this is His church. Not because my parents obligated me into this religion, but because I have felt in my heart and received an confirmation through humble prayer.

Today as we were returning from La Cruz after our district meeting and grocery shopping. We took a crowded bus, full of people talking loudly, without air conditioning, and a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. In the midst of all the commotion and distractions, I took out my Book of Mormon and began to read 3 Nephi 11, and as soon as I read the part about the Savior coming to the Americas, an overwhelming feeling of love, joy, and peace came over me. Again, the Spirit was confirming to me the love of God for me and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. It is amazing the little moments that make me grateful for the Gospel in my life and my Eternal family back home.

Other Spiritual Experience this week! Yesterday, my companion and I were going to visit the people who we had planned for that day to share a short message with them, but when we went no one wanted to listen. Everyone told us, "Come back another day" and so we just moved on to look for the next person to visit. We were frustrated and we said what are we going to do, no one wants to listen to us. I felt that we should pray. I offered a prayer right there in the middle of the street on our bikes and we then went forth. The first house that we arrived at was a family eating dinner. The father came out and talked to us and said that he lived in Nebraska for a short time. And I was like "Wow, out of all places and all people, the first person we find is from Nebraska!" I know God answers prayers! We then went and had 3 first lessons and 2 lessons to members and 4 contacts. I was glad I could recognize when we needed the Lord's help in that moment, because He blessed us with the success we had the rest of the day.

Because of all the mud, I fell into a rusty barbed wire fence :(
We are starting to find out a little bit more about our investigators. Cindy and Ismael have a drinking problem that we didn't know about. They didn't come to church this week either and are a little worried. Their children are really excited when we come and are quick to tell there mom that they want to say prayers or go to church. We are grateful for the example of the kids that they are setting for their parents, now if we can help Cindy and Ismael to do the same! We also found out that Adrian has a drug addiction to marijuana. We now have a month teaching him and he has lost a lot of spirit since we first started teaching him. Leaving behind addictions is difficult, but with the help of the Savior, Adrian can overcome! Lastly, our new investigator named Chema (Jesus Maria), whom we put a baptismal date for 22 of October, has a serious crime that he committed in Washington and that's why he is here now. All these problems and difficulties can be resolved with sincere repentance and trust in our loving Heavenly Father.

I love missionary work! I am thankful for all the tests and trials I am facing because it will help my eternal progression towards eternal life. God is always there for us, no matter where we go. This next transfer I have decided to work on improving a Christ like attribute, virtue. I couldn't do this work without relying on Him and trusting in His ways, because His ways are perfect!

Thank you for the continuing love and support!

Elder Bennett

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