Monday, August 29, 2016

A Wonderful Work

Mosiah 23:10 Nevertheless, after much tribulation, the Lord did hear my cries, and did answer my prayers, and has made me an instrument in his hands in bringing so many of you to a knowledge of his truth.
Tag picture at Celestino

Wow I love this scripture so much! Especially with the last transfer, and the difficulties that still remain in a lifeless area, the Lord has heard my cries and has blessed Tanques with a new sense of spirit. For a long time, the missionaries here haven't baptized and lots of the people in Tanques have been rejecting and even some of the members went cold, causing a little crisis for the missionaries and the tiny little branch. But once again, our loving Heavenly Father is softening the heart of the people in Tanques, Boscoso and Potrerillos to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And it's a wonderful work that Elder Navarro and I are a part of here!

Making pizza with some members
This week has been fantastic! We have been working so hard this week and the weeks before and the Lord is blessing us for the fruits of our labor. This week we contacted 22 people which is such an accomplishment, especially for this difficult area. We are seeing a lot of prepared and open children of God to our message of hope in the ranchos where the missionaries haven't been able to preach for about 2 years. This week we also were able to find 13 new investigators who are willing and ready to learn and improve their lives through living the Gospel for themselves.
Fried Fish
I missed my seafood!

After teaching a man that Elder Cuevas and I found named Jaime, we put a baptismal date for him for 1 of October and we are super excited for him because he is always really happy and smiling and it's cool to see him change even with his busy schedule. We also put a baptismal date for a man named Adrian that arrived here suddenly from Mexico City to find work and members of the church accepted him into their home and we are now teaching him! Adrian is amazing! There is no doubt that God sent him here so that we could teach and help him change his life of drugs and alcohol. He will be baptized 24 of September!

This week we had divisions with the Elders of La Cruz and I was with Elder Ayala again. This was probably the 4th time we have done divisions together because he watched me learn and grow starting out in Teacapan and now he is about to leave. So it was a good experience to work alongside him again and find new people to teach.

Elders Navarro, Bennett, McClellan, and Amaya
So we had a lot of ice in the freezer that started to grow and so we took a knife and tried to clean out all of the ice and it turns of that we damaged one of the pipes and so we were without a fridge for about a week which was a little difficult because we didn't really eat breakfast or dinner and we just ate a whole lot for the meals the members gave us haha. But now we have a fridge that works again!

For P-day today we went to a playa called Celestino which is about 30 minutes from La Cruz and there we took lots of pictures Elder Ayala, McClellan, Navarro and I together with the sea and the cool scenery. We ate fried fish which we fried up over a fire with oil, I loved it! Today we are moving houses to a smaller house because the house we are in is not ours anymore haha.

All this week we had our investigators committed to go to church on Sunday and it turned out that none of them came...That was a little test of faith and patience because going to church our investigators are going to learn and expanding their faith in Christ. But something that I read was that Heavenly Father is always blessings us but it's our pride, fear, and sin that stops us from a fullness of blessings. I know that God loves us and that we will have success in Tanques and we will have baptisms! I know the church is true!

Elder Bennett

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