Monday, October 10, 2016

Miracles Happen Everyday


Ether 12:12 For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith.

Today in my district meeting, I was able to share that each one of us is able to partake of the miracles of God. Our Father in Heaven does not cease to be a God of Miracles, it is ourselves that impedes us to receive His miracles. But when we have a desire, faith, and act on that faith we can see miracles day to day, week to week in our lives, even in the little things. Miracles happen everyday! We can see them in all of our surroundings. I invite everyone to take the time to think of the miracles you have seen and keep living faithfully to recieve them each day.

Buenas Tardes a todos!

It's been another pretty good week overall. We are now starting Week 5 in the transfer! Wow has the time flown! It's been pretty warm here still. Sometimes I bring my umbrella with me so the sun doesn't wear me out as much. But this week I was able to buy a new wheel for my bike so I don't get flat tires as much haha. We've been working hard! We try to do what we can to have success and be effective in our lessons and contacts in the streets.
Studying Time

Splits with  Elder Moldonado
On Tuesday, Elder Navarro went to La Cruz and I was with Elder Maldonado for a a day. Elder Maldonado goes home in two weeks and it's been cool to hear his counsels and stories with his time in the mission. 

We worked in Potrerillos and we were contacting a lady that was really rude with us. We went in another way into her property because we saw her watering her plants and so we didn't think anything of it everyone is usually pretty nice to us but she told us "Don't you guys know how to knock on the door? You guys don't know Sinaloa?" Elder Maldonado asked if we should leave and she said Yes. She was pretty firey haha and it was an interesting experience and now I know to be more careful. We found out that her brothers are all drug dealers.

Our ranchitos
This week was a little tough with our investigators. We are trying our best to have baptisms but it's so difficult here. The people don't understand and don't listen to us very well. Also, many people work all day in the fields which makes it difficult for us. But our investigator Chema is progressing little by little. Also Nayeli who has been praying specifically and reading the Book of Mormon. We had to leave Jaime and Angelica for some time because they are not progressing.

I have enjoyed my mission a lot so far! It's been soooo difficult here but I am growing and learning so much. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father in my life who leads me and guides me. I know I can't do anything without His divine direction and it's been a blessing to serve Him and His children here in Sinaloa. I know He lives and loves me! Reading the Book of Mormon everyday has brought me closer to Him. I know families can be eternal! We have a prophet, seer and revelator: Thomas S. Monson who directs the church Christ has established through revelation. I know this is true.
Selfies con chimichanges

Elder Bennett

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