Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Those Who Fulfill Their Committments

The Lord sets in our way those who fulfill their commitments to those who fulfill their commitments" -Pte Gabaldón

This phrase that Presidente Gabaldón caught my attention this last Friday in our Zone Conference. As missionaries, we have certain rules and guidelines we have to follow, and if are faithful and obedient to these orders, we will be blessed. And this blessing is very specific: we will have investigators who fufill their committments, or in other words, people who repent in the Lord's way. I think we can relate this to our daily lives as God's children; those who are obedient to follow God's commandments will put opportunities to grow, learn and become better. It can be in the form of a job opportunity, or a relationship, or a calling in church. We should always be obedient to what our Heavenly Father asks of us and He will always provide.


It's been a little chilly these last few days in the Baja! Lots of wind has been blowing and lots of sand blowing in our faces. Those are the trials of the mission. Yesterday, Monday, we were able to find helmets for our bikes. Canadian brother in a ward in Cabo San Lucas was able to provide the sufficient funds to buy new helmets so we can use our bikes appropriately now.

Hermano Tremblay brought us to his house after the Stake Conference this last weekend so we could talk to our families on Skype! It was such a great experience and joy talking to loved ones again face to face. I can't wait to see them. I love seeing Connor's growth in his mission.

We had another tough week here in Pescadero. Our investigators are progressing slowly. We have to work very hard to remind them to read the Book of Mormon, say their prayers and go to church on Sunday. I know the Lord is trying my patience, and I am grateful for these difficult experiences. We have families that are starting to listen to us and we are excited for them and their progress.

On Friday, we had a Zone Conference in Cabo San Lucas and Pte and Hna Gabaldón flew over to talk with us together with the Assistant, Elder Daines, whose in my generation. I unexpectedly was asked to conduct the Conference which was a new and great learning experience. I love listening to our Pte, I can feel his love for the Lord and for all the missionaries.

I know the Lord lives, and I know He loves me! I love His Gospel and I know with all my heart that we cannot live without His grace, mercy and forgiveness, which heals us.

Que Dios les bendiga y tengan una buena semana!

Elder Bennett

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