Monday, November 21, 2016

The Streets of Mazatlan

2nd Longest Beach in the World
Hey everyone!

Alma 31:33 Wilt thou grant unto them that they may have strength, that they may bear their afflictions which shall come upon them because of the iniquities of this people. 34 O Lord, wilt thou grant unto us that we may have success in bringing them again unto thee in Christ. 35 Behold, O Lord, their souls are precious, and many of them are our brethren; therefore, give unto us, O Lord, power and wisdom that we may bring these, our brethren, again unto thee.

Selfies on the pedestrian bridge
I would like to share this scripture with you guys this week because EVERYONE needs our Heavenly Father's help and the strengthening power of Jesus Christ as we live the Gospel. We live in scary times and more than ever we need to unite ourselves with a common purpose and faith so each of us can be direct, guided, protected and strengthened. We need to help those who are off the path of salvation and bring them back to Christ. We can use the power of prayer to bring forth miracles within our families and friends. We have a great potential as sons and daughters of God. We can do it!


This week was pretty difficult but worthwhile! We are trying to visit all the contacts and references that we have so we can start the teaching/conversion process. We had great success this week in obtaining new investigators and have first lessons! On Thursday, we were especially blessed with new families and people to teach. We were able to find and teach by the Spirit, it was a fulfilling experience for me. 

It's pretty funny how the people have reacted to the elections in the United States. Almost everyday I receive some comment about Trump, or that I'm racist, or something to that effect haha. I just laugh and keep praying that our world leaders and Trump will soften their hearts and be guided to know how to lead and help the people in these lasts days.

We are still on the hunt for a new apartment. We thought we found one, but it doesn't have air conditioning so we kept looking. We found a few more options that are more central to our area and so soon we will see where we will move.
The Streets of Mazatlan

I struggled this week with my English haha. There were a few opportunities to contact or talk to gringos haha. I struggled remembering some of the words that I wanted to say, it was pretty embarrassing! On Sunday, some Americans arrived to church and it was cool to talk to a family from Washington that was here vacationing. I was able to give my first talk here on Sunday about the Restoration.

My companion doesn't like to take initiative, so I have lots of opportunities to talk, make appointments, make calls, make plans and other important decisions. I know the Lord is preparing me in many ways and is helping me learn and grow from these experiences. I love my companion and we are working really hard so we can have baptisms! We had a mission wide fast on Saturday and Sunday with the purpose to fast for those who have baptismal dates and we can reach our goal to have 100 baptisms for the month of December.

Thanks for everything!! Have a great week!

Elder Bennett

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