Monday, January 11, 2016

Buenas Tarde from Culiacán Sinaloa Mexico!

Hey Everyone
Buenas Tarde from Culiacán Sinaloa Mexico!

Things have been pretty challenging this week trying to learn a new area, new members, new investigators, new companion, everything new pretty much haha. But it has been a week where my testimony has been strengthened. My faith has strengthened in the Lord and His ways. Elder Cruz is a great companion. He has made it easier to learn things with. He always has a great attitude about everything and that helps me out a lot because the life of the mission is not easy.

Elder Cruz and I
I met a lot of the ward members this week and our pool of investigators- those who we are teaching. In our ward in Los Pinos there are a lot of old people haha! I met most of them and they are all wonderful, strong members with a lot of insight and wisdom. On Sunday I had the opportunity to give my first talk in this area. I gave a 10 minute talk in Spanish and talked about the importance of proclaiming the Gospel. There was an awesome quote I used in my talk by President Heber J Grant and he said that we have a responsibility to share the Gospel with others because we have the knowledge of God's great plan for His children and we need to share these blessings with others.

Governor's Building
We have an investigator with a baptismal date for January 31. We have a few others that we are teaching and working on right now. The lessons have been going good the first few times that I've taught.
Awesome sunset!

Our area here in Culiacan is pretty big. We cover about 5 colonias here in our area of Los Pinos. There is a steep hill that we have to walk up almost everyday. And all we do is walk! There are no bikes. The first few days were kinda tiring from walking so much. It is sooo much different than Teacapan. There are a lot of businesses, cars, buses, people just going all the time. It's a big city, probably just a little bigger than Omaha. 
Cool view of our area!

My highlight of the week was when I tried praying a specific prayer. I remembered counsel that I learned in the CCM and I prayed specifically for someone to contact us. And that's exactly what happened. A man named Marco approached us and said he wants to talk to us! That was so cool for me.

The mission is full of fun, crazy, and spiritual experiences. This week we ate sushi with peanut butter which is pretty good by the way. The mission is hard but I wouldn't trade my time here for the world. Thanks for the support and prayers. God bless! Adios
Zone pday games!
Cool Car
Elder Bennett

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