Monday, April 3, 2017

19 Months in the Mission

Highlights from la Conferencia General Abril 2017: 
Mi companero

Christ's perfect love allows us to press through our fears - Pte Uchtdorf

There is nothing that helps us come closer to the Lord than a desure to change - Joaquin E. Acosta

Things work out when we stand firm in the trial of our faith - L Whitney Clayton

We must act on the FIRST prompting of the Holy Ghost - Ronald A. Rasband

It is not easy to recognize Heavenly Father's love when we look around with spiritual eyes - Yoon Hwan Choi

A testimony is maintained by obedience to the commandments and fervent prayer - Pte Thomas S. Monson

As your look for the Savior's power as bad as a drowning man wants to breathe- you will receive it. Pte Russell M. Nelson

Conferencia General at the Stake Center
Elder Simister and I watched the sessions in English! All except the last session :)

Hey Everyone!!

It has been a great week! I just reached 19 months in the mission! Hard to believe! We have been struggling my companion and I with the attendance of our investigators to church even with all the efforts we have made so they can benefit from God's promised blessings. Lots of times I have learned that it is really easy to just give up and not go back and teach those who don't accomplish but something I learned in the conference is that my ministry as a servant of God does not end until those who I teach repent- or until they take the necessary steps to demonstrate a true repentance. I have learned patience and love for each one of them!

This week was tough, we have been finding various people to teach, and we have a new young couple that are progressing well! They are named Ariel and Lizbeth! They have lots of questions about the Plan of Salvation. I loved to hear several Authorities talk of the Plan of Salvation! They are learning about our Heavenly Father's plan in the Book of Mormon.

Eating at Panama- a sit down restaurant
We ate in a nice restaurant called Panama today, my companion and I to celebrate our last P-day together. The next Monday are transfers and it is most likely that I will be transferred. I am hoping to train a new Elder again. This transfer 17 new missionaries will arrive.
Eating at a "real" restaurant

We had splits with the Elders in Villa Union again this last week! I was able to go with Elder Quezada, my district leader which was great. In their area they have a lot of ranchitos and we went to visit a family in Concordia, which is a Pueblo Magico, and tried their famous snow cones.

Mi distrito

Being Silly!

I am grateful for a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, who leads and guides us today. I know that the Lord is hastening His work in these lasts days. I know my Savior, Jesus Christ lives! I have come to know and love Him and His perfect Gospel.

Elder Bennett

Pday fun- thanks to Elder Simister's Mom for the picture

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