Monday, April 11, 2016

Look at the good in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE

Mosiah 5:13 For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?

Pday fun: Basketball & Soccer

This week was full of blessings and challenges, and I'm grateful for every moment that happens even though as missionaries we suffer a lot. The mission is so uncomfortable! Like talking to people everyday in a language I'm still trying to learn, trying to solve and fix problems, being rejected, and suffering through the 100 degree weather everyday. But all these experiences I know are for a purpose that I don't completely understand in this moment but I know my Heavenly Father wants me to learn and grow from these things.

BBQ pollo for lunch

Despite all the difficult and frustrating things that happen, I try to look at the good in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. This week Elder Tineo and I faced a lot of drunk and rude people. I have learned to love people for who they are. My companion always says that we should not look at people for who they are now but for the person that that can come to be. Everyone is a divine child of God with great potential. Heavenly Father loves His children so much that he has provided His son Jesus Christ to make the way for us to return to live with them again one day as eternal families. That's what I loved about General Conference that the prophets and apostles talked a lot about families! He has put us in families for us to have success and happiness in this life.

Juan's sweet ride

This week Elder Tineo and I worked so hard! We had the most success here in Los Pinos this last week than in all my mission up to this point. I'm teaching Elder Tineo a lot things about the mission, and one of the things that we focused on this week is Diligence! We had many lessons, contacts in the street, and success in many areas of the work. It's nice being the senior companion so I can direct what we do and decide how hard we work. I KNOW how important this work is, and I'm more than willing to give my full effort to the Lord this time I have as His servant.

Our investigator Aldrin is progressing very well! We started teaching the Plan of Salvation this week and he understood very well. He told us that he is praying and receiving answers to his prayers. That was so good to hear! But he still feels nervous for his baptism on the 30th of this month.

Our recent convert Fransisco is now better after he was very sick and things are better with his wife now but now he has stopped coming to church. We finally were able to visit him after so much time of not seeing him but sad that he is going back to his church he went to before.

Famosa carne asada con tortillas & frijoles y queso de Culiacan

The language has been getting better for me because I have to train my companion everyday and initiate contacts and lessons. So it's been a learning experience for both Elder Tineo and I! Elder Tineo says that Dominican Republic is hotter than Mexico. I can't imagine being there since I'm dying of heat here haha. Each week it's warmer and warmer :/

This week We had our first English Class and we had a whopping 40 people come! Just kidding we only had 1 person come haha. But the missionaries in our district are willing to help us gain more people to come :)

First English class

I know without a doubt this is the only true church that offers blessings for eternity.

Elder Bennett

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