Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fireworks, Gunshots & Booms

Hey Everyone!

Today marks my second week here at the CCM. And everything is going just fine! This week was pretty mentally exhausting but it's okay because I'm learning a lot and having fun doing so.
Looking Good in Someone else's Gafas
We finished teaching our first investigator named Ramero. My companion and I got better at teaching each time we met with him. It's a pretty humbling experience since we cant speak the language perfectly yet but we are working hard and getting along pretty well. Our investigator then became our teacher which was an exciting experience. The first night we thought he would be our teacher he was late so I was told to start and run the class until he got there but we weren't for sure he was going to be our teacher. Turns out he was late because he got in a car accident on the way home from the temple so he was kind of in a bad mood when he arrived. But our district was excited because he was really nice and we weren't expecting it! He brought the fire to us though because he wanted to have scriptures and other words and phrases memorized in Spanish so we were unprepared for that. We now have to teach two investigators starting this week which means we have to prepare and study more. Hermano Silva is our other "investigator" and during our first lesson with him he started falling asleep haha. At the end of this week we have to do this thing called TRC which is having a lesson with people who are either less active, new converts, or haven't heard of the church at all. That will be interesting. 

Everyday we have to have three goals each on a note card. One for Spanish words, one for Spanish phrases and one for Scriptures. We have to have the scriptures memorized by the end of the week and learn a lot of things in Spanish which is kinda stressful but it will be worth it. I now have Moroni 10:4-5 and James 1:5 memorized in Spanish. My companion and I like to talk to the Latino elders here who don't really speak any English haha. Its fun to talk to them because they are always happy and excited to talk to the American Elders haha and I can usually understand what they are saying. One of our teachers said that most missionaries their second week don't speak as good as what we do so that was good to hear. I can say a complete and thought out prayer in Espanol now. 

This month is the anniversary of Mexico's independence so ever since I have gotten here and especially this week, there has been fireworks, gunshots, and booms going off all day everyday. Today, September 16, is Mexico's Independence day. So last night, I was woken up at midnight by a myriad of booms, pows, and pops of the night as people celebrated their Independence from Spain. My companion and I as well as Elder Skinner and Austin from my district went outside and watch the fireworks and all the lights in the city. It was really neat to see the whole mountain side lit up and show all the colorful houses and celebrating during the night.

At 12 o clock, everyone in the city shouts Viva Mexico! three times. So all day yesterday we shouted Viva Mexico haha. Last night at our Tuesday night devotional they showed us a few videos about Mexico and the history of their culture and how they became free from the Spaniards.

The comedor was decorated in Mexico decorations and flags and authentic Mexican food and candy. It was a neat thing to see. On September 11, all the missionaries in our zone got together and sang America the Beautiful, the Star Spangled Banner and other American songs. We then carried around an American flag that an elder had and played USA vs Mexico during gym time when we played soccer lol. They also served hamburgers and other American food which I miss a lot. They even served bacon which was really awesome. During gym times we have been playing soccer and futsol. Futsol is soccer on a fenced in basketball court which is really fun. I'm finding out how out of shape I am already.

Sunday was definitely the best day of the week because we were able to experience the rededication of the Mexico City Temple, we listened to an amazing talk by Elder Bednar, and also watched a few powerful videos about John Tanner and The Life of Christ. I misunderstood and thought we were actually going to the temple for the rededication but they just made the auditorium an extension of the temple and showed a live broadcast. It was a new and amazing experience since I had never experienced one before. Elder Holland and President Eyring were there for the dedication, they both gave amazing talks. Eyring then gave the dedicatory prayer, I really felt there Spirit that day.

Elder Holland and Eyring (not Jameson's picture)

Elder Eyring (not Jameson's picture)

At the Cultural Celebration the night before, our teacher Hermano Silva was in the Celebration and it was cool to see him dance and sing. He did really good. He's my favorite teacher here by the way. The other day we helped him set up Twitter and pick out a Twitter handle which was fun.
Cultural Celebration(not Jameson's teacher or picture)

Today was our P-day and we got the chance to do a session at the temple, the only downfall was the whole thing was in Spanish so some things were confusing to understand. The Mexico City temple is massive and is very beautiful! I was grateful to be able to go there and feel the Spirit in the House of the Lord.

It's really exciting when anyone gets mail here! As the district leader, I have to get the mail and it's fun to see people get letters or packages. But it's especially exciting when I get one myself! I was really happy and appreciative of my mom sending me Krispy Kreme and chocolate milk, it definitely made my day. In our casa, we moved our bunk beds together and now we call it Cuddle Kingdom. We talk and eat snacks with a trio of Elders in our casa from room 5 and that is always fun and relaxing. It's nice not being the newbies anymore! New missionaries come in every week and old missionaries leave. This week the CCM was really slim with about 250 missionaries, but then 100 new Latino missionaries came yesterday and North American missionaries come today. Our district and zone are really close now. We always have a testimony meeting after a devotional and everyone has such strong testimonies of the Gospel.

I am enjoying my time here and aprendendo mucho! Thank you for the love and support! I miss everyone!

Love, Elder Bennett

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